Independent Real Estate Agents

The Value of Relationships and Flexibility

Some real estate agents run around town collecting clients like they are trading cards. But we don’t work with just anyone. Your neighborhood, what your house looks like, a great school district, sure it’s important…but what’s really valuable is the relationship we have with you.

That’s why we don’t walk into your home for the first time with a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), a pitch and a listing contract. Instead, we start with a conversation to figure out if there is a personality fit – because (especially if you are buying) we are going to be spending a LOT of time together! We better like each other!


Then, once we know its a fit, it’s our job to:

  • Help you find little things that will go a long way in selling your home
  • Balance the natural “clash” that is buyer’s and seller’s “best deal”
  • Work well with other real estate agents – our peers – to buy or sell your home without “drama”
  • Point out the critical items as you shop for your future house
  • And, most importantly get you to closing
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Why Choose an Independent Real Estate Agent?

Everyone knows how realtors operate. They close the deal, shake your hand, and charge 6 percent commission, right? Not at Denali Realty Group. Not even close. We’re an independent firm with a different perspective:

  • Our background and flexibility allows for greater creativity in the home sale or purchase process. “one size fits all” doesn’t fit. If there is a better way – we will find it!
  • Many large Wisconsin real estate firms are locked in with specific service providers for property titles, mortgages, home inspections, and the like. They steer you one way, and one way only.  We partner with numerous vendors in all the related areas of home sales. You’ll work with those who provide the best service and value, not just with whom we have a cozy relationship.
  • Because we aren’t hiding behind a national brand, we have had to work harder to grow and maintain a great reputation in our industry
  • And, our low overhead allows us flexibility on commissions, too. The Denali Difference, on your bottom line.

The Denali Realty Group Backstory

Our background in other areas such as property management, new construction, and the mortgage world really was a mountain top experience. It gave us the big picture view of the entire industry, helping scale the challenges in buying or selling a home. That mountain top view, along with the first half of our principal’s names… Dennis and Allison…made for a perfect identity for our agency. Denali Realty Group. Meet our team and our friend Mort the Mortgage Mountain Goat!

Time is of the Essence

Everyone is busy. Work, school, kids, vacation…and buying or selling a home can add a lot of stress to that situation. At Denali Realty Group we realize the value of your time is perhaps more important than the value of your home. And, we know that offers often happen at the most inopportune times! That’s why, for our technology-friendly clients, we leverage DocuSign – a software that allows you to access, sign, and send important documents from your desktop, your phone, or your tablet.

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